Nescens Spa Programs

Personalized better-aging coaching under medical supervision

Do you want to lose weight, manage stress, or recharge your batteries?

In an extension of its preventive medicine and anti-aging activities, Nescens has developed an innovative health spa concept, offering different spa programs under medical supervision in an environment that is dedicated to well-being.

In accordance with your goals (slimming, stress, detox, etc.), the duration of your stay and your initial better-aging assessment, you will be offered a personalized program combining nutrition, health, physical activity and spa treatments.

The Nescens spa team will accompany you to help you obtain lasting results while conserving notions of pleasure and well-being.

Why go for a Nescens better-aging spa program?

Quick, sustainable results, without frustration or failure

An exclusive medical approach

A tailored program

Dietary and delicious cuisine

A refined universe to enhance well-being and serenity

All programs begin with a thorough diagnostic phase. This assessment is carried out by a Nescens medical team, specialized in nutrition, osteopathy and preventive health. The Nescens programs use the latest scientific advances in preventive health and anti-aging, biological and genetic tests, nutrition, etc.

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When developing programs, emphasis is placed on:

  • understanding the goals (weight loss, stress, detox, etc.)
  • the specific needs of the patient (intolerances, allergies, preferences)
  • the individual’s state of health and any comorbidities (obesity, diabetes, etc.).
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Every dish is carefully created to achieve the perfect balance between pleasure and healthy eating, allowing you to slim down and keep the weight off without frustration, or simply to learn how to eat better while still enjoying the pleasures of living well.

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The Nescens “better aging” programs take place within the luxurious environments of the Nescens spas, located in five-star hotels.

These spas all have swimming pools and the latest technology in terms of equipment (fitness, medical, esthetic, etc.).

These places have been designed to ensure total relaxation and provide a tranquil break from the outside world.

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Better-aging Nescens

A science, a way of life

Premature aging of cells, tissues, and our organs is closely related to our lifestyle, how we use our bodies, and the quality of our diet.

Recent progress made in understanding the biological mechanisms of aging makes it possible to fully appreciate the impact of lifestyle on the process and implement a tailored better-aging prevention plan.

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