• NEW!

    An even more comprehensive Excellence check-up

    The programme has recently been enhanced and now allows for the entire body to be mapped thanks to additional examinations (cerebral, thoracic-abdominal-pelvic, and thyroid).

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  • A leap forward in skin cell regeneration

    Activator Serum, Stem Cells

    Ultimate creation of Nescens Biological anti-aging research, increases the regenerative power of stem cells in the epidermis. This targeted activation gives life to new cells, optimising epidermal regeneration and bringing a youthful look to the skin.

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  • Unique scientific expertise

    Professor Jacques Proust, pioneer in the biology of aging and anti-aging medicine, is the founder of the Nescens brand.

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  • Nescens Clinique De Genolier

    Health and anti-aging destination

    Different medical and scientific activities dedicated to the detection, prevention, and treatment of pathologies linked to aging.

  • Sustainable weight loss

    Personalized coaching under medical supervision to sustainably balance your weight and preserve your "health capital".

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