• Better-Aging Program

    A few pounds less before the summer?

    7 days personalized coaching to correct stress, excess weight, fatigue and learn how to preserve your health capital.

    7-day better-aging program
  • Cosmeceuticals

    Detoxifying exfoliating cleanser

    Based on ultra-innovative «cell cleaning» technology... 1st cleansing gel, activator of cell detoxification

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  • Wellness Bar Nescens Clinique de Genolier

    Global Wellness Day 🤸

    🏋️ 🏊Remember to hydrate before your wellness or sports activities. 🚰Our well-being waters combine hydration, nutrition balance and pleasure.

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  • Your local fitness

    Wellness and Fitness area

    A fully equipped room with Technogym® appliances of the latest generation

  • Prevention is essential

    World Hypertension Day

    Each year, at least 7.1 million people around the world die as a result of high blood pressure...

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  • New program at Nescens Clinique de Genolier

    La Cure Nescens

    A comprehensive medical program to take control of health:
    - Treat diseases related to excess weight and metabolic disorders
    - Initiate durable weight loss

    Discover La Cure Nescens
  • NEW!

    An even more comprehensive Excellence check-up

    The programme has recently been enhanced and now allows for the entire body to be mapped thanks to additional examinations (cerebral, thoracic-abdominal-pelvic, and thyroid).

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