You are an AEVIS employee

Working at AEVIS, you are entitled to a 75% discount on the entire range!

How to take advantage of this offer?

1. I log into, «my account» with my professional email address (…).

2. I access my personal area and I complete my information: delivery address and billing, method of payment …

3. Prices show up with a discount.

4. We will regularly inform you with Nescens newsletters.

Which products are included?

All the products you will find on this page.

I have a doubt about the product that I need ...

We invite you to contact Marie-Laurence Ragon, Nescens Ambassador, who will be happy to answer all your questions:

Marie-Laurence comes regularly to meet you during the Employee & Partner Days that we organize in all the Swiss Medical Network clinics, it’s the perfect opportunity to meet her and ask her all your questions!


What are the delivery costs?

Good news, since recently there are no delivery costs, regardless of the amount of your order and the destination of your package!

To learn more about the different uses and categories of products …