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Our site uses a HTTPS type encrypted connection between your computer and the payment service, symbolised by a small padlock in one of the corners of the screen of your browser.

You can pay for your purchases with Paypal or Stripe.

Stripe is a secure web payment infrastructure that allows you to pay simply by using your credit card number without leaving the website. As soon as you have paid once with Stripe, all your next purchases can be made with one click on your mobile phone or from your PC without the need to take out your credit card!

At no time, do we have access to your credit card number, since Stripe is secure and fully responsible for the payment.

Delivery in Switzerland is:

  • 4 days maximum in Normal mode,
  • 2 days maximum in Express mode.

Delivery abroad depends on the country of destination:

  • 2 weeks maximum in Normal mode
  • 1 week maximum in Express mode.


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The Client is entitled to renounce his/her order and to return the Products if he/she is not satisfied with his/her order, within 10 days after receipt of the package.


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