Nescens Stem Cells

Nescens Stem Cells

Stem Cells - Adult Adipose Tissues

Discover the power of your own stem cells with our exclusive programs.

Use your stem cells today to take immediate action against the visible signs of aging, or store them and use them tomorrow for “advanced stem cell therapies in humans as Advanced Therapies Medicinal Products” once the therapies have been approved by regulatory agencies.

Numerous studies show that stem cell injections, together with lipofilling, stimulate renewed production of your natural collagen, and effectively reduce the visible signs of aging.

Obtaining your stem cells is safe, simple and ensures future treatments.

  • Cell extraction starts with a mini liposuction performed by one of our specially-trained, validated plastic surgeons.
  • Your stem cells will be returned for reinfusion within 24 hrs.

Swiss Stem Cells Biotech®  and Swiss Stem Cell Foundation® are official partners of Nescens Clinique de Genolier



Nescens Clinique de Genolier sponsored iCAST 2018 Stem Cell congress, organized by the Swiss Stem Cell Foundation®.

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