Health optimisation consultation

Health optimisation consultation

The consultation in health optimisation is a consultation carried out by a doctor specialized in preventive medicine and in optimizing health and performances.

The objectives are to learn the fundamental pillars of his own health to:

  • apply them in the daily life to improve the quality of life
  • increase energy level and live longer, without the chronic diseases associated with advancing age

The health optimisation consultation is conducted by doctors trained and specialized in new strategies and technologies for improving quality of life as well as increasing human performance.

On the recommendation of the doctor, additional innovative analyzes may be proposed in order to personalize the medical care. These will include among others:

  • additional biological analyzes
  • a genetic test
  • a biological age test
  • a gut microbiota test

Monitoring of sleep and physical activity using connected devices, as well as a “health coach” service, are among the additional services that may be implemented.

At the end of the consultation, which lasts 60 minutes, the doctors will be able to offer personalized care that will include:

  • optimisation of lifestyle
  • appropriate nutrition with nutritional supplements
  • medication when needed

More specialized protocols may be implemented for more specific goals such as physical or mental performances or specifically related to longevity.

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