Bio-Identical Rehydrating Serum – Face

Bio-Identical Rehydrating Serum – Face

Anti-aging intensive face moisturizer

165 CHF

Wrinkles appear diminished and the epidermis regains the smooth, toned and firm appearance of a young-looking skin. Dropper 30ml

• Compensates for the deficiency of the different components of the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) related to aging and sun exposure by boosting their synthesis
• Rebuilds the lamellar structure of skin lipids
• Prevents damage to the intercellular cement
• Activates aquaporins (“water pumps”) in cell membranes
• Regulates the deficieny of hyaluronic acid production by activating its synthesis

The bio-identical rehydrating serum is recommended as a long-term treatment for constitutional dehydrated skin conditions or as an intensive course of treatment for punctual dehydrated skin conditions fostered by particular climatic conditions. In compliance with the Nescens cosmeceutical system, it is recommended to apply the bio-identical rehydrating serum twice daily, prior to the application of the Nescens correcting care treatments to boost their moisturizing effect.

For men and women. Clinically tested under dermatological and ophtalmological supervision.

* Hydration of superior layers of the epidermis

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