Nescens Clinique de Genolier inaugurates its Men’s Health program

We interviewed Pr Proust, creator of this new Center which will be inaugurated.

Why did you create this men’s health program?

It is no secret that when it comes to taking care of their health, men are notoriously and dangerously negligent. Just like women, men have specific needs regarding their health, especially over the age of 40. They must have access to medical care and targeted advice relating to the male condition.

For whom have you designed this program?

The Nescens Men’s Health Program is a medical program that specializes in the detection, prevention and treatment of age-related, male-specific diseases and pathophysiological alterations.

It is aimed at men in their forties and over.

What’s the contents?

Following a consultation and a preventive medicine biological assessment, the physicians involved in carrying out this program (doctors of internal medicine, urologists, andrologists, etc.) take care of hormonal deficiencies (male hormone production deficit), prostatic problems (urinary disorders), and sexual disorders (erectile dysfunction), as well as defects in bone mineralization (osteoporosis) and loss of muscle mass (sarcopenia).

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