Nescens Cosmeceuticals in a nutshell

To meet everyone’s needs, Nescens has developed the first comprehensive and personalised programme of medical accompaniment to successful ageing (Successful-Ageing)…

Nescens: Adding life to life

In its Preventive Medicine Centres, Medical Spa and Clinics, Nescens offers medical check-ups, programmes of “better-ageing” cures, surgery and cosmetic medicine as well as anti-ageing cosmeceutical care.  Created in 2001 by Professor Jacques Proust, a pioneer in the field of the biology of ageing and anti-ageing medicine, Nescens is the result of the medical and scientific expertise of the Centre for the Prevention of Ageing of the Clinique de Genolier (Switzerland).  Nescens offers medical check-ups, better-ageing programmes, cosmetic surgery and cosmetic interventions as well as anti-ageing cosmeceuticals

Expertise in the biology of ageing

The advanced research of the Laboratoires Suisses Genolier has led to the development of state-of-the-art cosmeceutical preparations, contributing to the activation of biological processes essential for the preservation of tissue’s youthfulness. Nescens is committed to reprogramming the biological mechanisms that time, our life history and our environment have altered.

Skin structures maintenance and repair

Formulated under the direction of Professor Jacques Proust, the Nescens cosmeceutical range offers an innovative anti-ageing approach, based on an understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in the skin structures maintenance and repair. The Nescens care system is specifically designed to provide a rational and effective response to the biological factors known to be responsible for ageing-related skin alterations.

Selection of active molecules, establishment of synergies and incorporation in effective dosages

Nescens cosmeceuticals concentrate a large number of active molecules from anti-ageing biomedical research (retinoids, antioxidants, glycation inhibitors, peptides, lipids, moisturisers, anti-inflammatory agents, polyhydroxy acids, vitamins, minerals, etc.) with scientifically proven anti-ageing properties. These components are selected for their synergistic effects and integrated into the preparations according to a cutaneous functional approach, and at biologically active concentrations. The effectiveness of each active ingredient used has been documented by independent researchers and the results of their studies have been published in scientific journals with editorial policy.


Nescens makes available to informed and demanding consumers the latest advances in biomedical research in anti-ageing care. The Nescens cosmeceutical care system is unisex, indicated in prevention or correction of cutaneous alterations related to the different types of ageing (chronological or photo-induced).


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