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Nescens advice

To preserve your health capital

Discover the rehydrating serum, the first bio-identical concentrate with a long-lasting moisturizing effect. 8 hours after application, skin is 67% hydrated.

Nescens anti-aging product range

A unique expertise suitable for all

Formulated by Prof. J. Proust

Created and manufactured in Switzerland

The result of research in anti-aging biology

For men and women

I get my inspiration from literature and scientific research on the biology of skin aging. The discovery of new active ingredients and their combination with effective concentrations allows me to formulate innovative responses with scientifically proven anti-aging effects.

This responds to demand from both men and women who want to live longer while maintaining their youthful appearance.


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Nescens is a member of Swisscos, the Association for the Protection of the Origin of Swiss Cosmetics.


  • 100% Swiss research and development, production, and packaging
  • Quality and tradition
  • Responsibility and reliability.
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Nescens cosmeceuticals contain a large number of active molecules, resulting from anti-aging biomedical research with scientifically proven anti-aging properties.

These components have been selected for their synergistic and integrated effects in formulations according to a skin function logic, and at biologically active concentrations.

The effectiveness of each active ingredient used has been recorded by independent researchers and the results of their studies have been published in scientific journals with editorial policy.

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As the fundamental molecular mechanisms of skin aging are alike between men and women, there is not a scientifically justifiable reason to select different active ingredients.

The correction of hormonal deficiencies associated with aging lies outside of cosmeceutics’ current field of expertise and requires medically controlled hormone replacement therapy.
Nescens anti-aging skincare program offers textures and fragrances that may be used by both men and women.

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