Why a Covid-19 medical assessment? Interview with Pr. Jacques Proust

As the containment measures are slowly reduced, it is essential to know if you have been infected by the virus and if you still produce viral particles.

Current epidemiological studies show that some underlying pathologies, as metabolic disorders, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, constitute major aggravating factors during a possible contamination by the new coronavirus. These different affections manifest themselves, at least at the beginning, with few or no symptoms, hence the interest of their early detection by specific medical tests. The Covid-19 medical assessment is also useful to verify one’s health status, now that we will gradually reduce the constraints of confinement and return to professional activities, sports and daily stress.

Finally, it is essential to know if you have been infected by the virus, if you still produce viral particles likely to affect those around you both at home and at work, if you have developed antibodies and if they are protective. The Covid-19 medical assessment, carried out in half a day at the Center for Diagnostic and Preventive Medicine in Nescens Clinique de Genolier, is primarily focused on screening for cardio-respiratory and metabolic conditions. It includes:

– an initial and final consultation by an internal medicine physician

– blood and urine tests (more than 30 parameters)

– a SARS-Cov-2 screening by nasopharyngeal smear and antibody assay

– a functional assessment of respiratory capacity (spirometry)

– CT-scan bronchopulmonary imaging by low-dose

– detection of atheromatous plaques (deposits of calcified cholesterol) in the coronary arteries by CT-scan

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Pr. Dr. Méd. Jacques Proust, Medical Director of the Center for Diagnostic and Preventive medicine in Nescens Clinique de Genolier.