• Adding life to life

    Nescens' mission is to offer a comprehensive and medically founded response so that you may age in good health and preserve your future quality of life.

Our mission

Adding life to life

Every human being strives deep down to take advantage of life for as long as possible while maintaining exceptional health and complete control of their lives, with full possession of their physical and intellectual capacities.

This encompasses preserving one's health, physical well-being, and appearance. Nescens was created specifically for this purpose and offers products and programs to respond to this expectation.

Nescens Clinique de Genolier

Preventive health and anti-aging center of excellence

Located near Geneva, this clinic offers medical assessments and specialized consultations, as well as medical stays, aimed at maintaining your state of health and preserving your youth capital.

Our legacy

A double medical and scientific expertise

Professor Jacques Proust

Swiss Medical Network

Pioneer in the biology of aging and anti-aging medicine, founded the Center for the Prevention of Aging over 20 years ago. It represents the birthplace of the Nescens Clinique de Genolier and of the Nescens brand.

The Center aims to make the latest scientific advances in the prevention and treatment of age-related pathophysiological manifestations available to patients.

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With more than 1,700 affiliated doctors and 2,750 staff members, the Swiss Medical Network is one of the 2 main groups of private clinics in Switzerland.

Present in the 3 linguistic regions of the country, it extends to 16 private institutions, including the Clinique de Genolier where Nescens Clinique de Genolier is located.

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A complete anti-aging support program

At its clinics, medical centers and health spas, Nescens offers:

  • medical check-ups and specialized assessments
  • better-aging spa programs
  • cosmetic treatments and anti-aging cosmeceutical products.

In this way, Nescens allows individuals to prevent, counteract or delay the effects of aging, satisfying their personal aspirations.

Scientific committee

Ethics and safety

The scientific committee of the Nescens brand, presided over by Prof. Proust, groups together physicians from different specializations (preventive medicine, biology of aging, nutrition, sports medicine, etc.).

It acts as the medical and scientific guarantor for all Nescens’ programs and products.

Swiss Stem Cell Science

Stem cell collection and storage services

Swiss Stem Cell Science markets Nescens’ stem cell collection and storage services. Swiss Stem Cell Science is also responsible for communicating the potential of stem cells and regenerative medicine and contributing to research projects in Switzerland and abroad.

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