Correcting cares : care for your skin day and night

There are many types of skincare products on the market and each one of them is supposed to have specific goal. Best example being day and night cream, is there a reason for it or it is purely marketing?

Let us start with basics: does a day cream have the same benefits than a night cream? Can we use an all in one product and make the most out of it?

The answer is no! The principle states simply that the skin do not operates the same day and night and has different expectations.

Thus, what really are the differences between a day and a night cream?


  • Skin needs and associated benefits

First, skin expectations differ depending on daytime. A day cream actually aims to protect the skin while the night cream aims to encourage skin cell regeneration.

During the day, the skin essentially needs hydration and protection against various external aggressions, such as UV exposure, but also wind, cold, pollution, humidity; ect…

Protecting the skin against these external aggressive factors prevents the signs of skin aging.

On the other hand, a night cream fights against free radicals, which are responsible for skin oxidation. In this respect, it helps to repair damages caused during the day and therefore fight against aging as well.

  • Concentration of active agents :

Most of the time, night creams are more concentrated in active ingredients than day creams. The underlying reason is that skin is particularly receptive to active ingredients at night. In fact while we sleep, the body releases different hormones responsible for cell regeneration, and blood circulation is higher. These factors result in the night being the best time for cells to renew.

Night creams are therefore designed to support the skin in its natural regeneration process. That is why, adopting an effective night care is essential in the anti-aging process.

  • Texture:

Finally, the difference does not only lie in the concentration of agents and the skin regeneration process, but also in the texture of the cares. A day cream tend to penetrate quickly, and therefore constitutes a good makeup and protective base. A night cream is rather richer and longer to penetrate in the skin layers since it stays and acts throughout night.

Now that you are aware of the specificity of both day and night skincare products, all you have to do is find the right protocol for you. Nescens offers a resolutely innovative ant-aging approach based on the molecular and cellular mechanisms, which are involved in the maintenance and repair of skin structure.

The Nescens Molecular regeneration emulsion Day helps to neutralize oxidation processes in order to restore optimum cell function and prevent the hardening of collagen and elastin fibers. It also meet the protection role of a day cream by increasing the skin’s resistance to UV radiation and therefore limiting the photo-aging process. Then, it helps limit tissue inflammation caused by exogenous and endogenous attack and provides intensive and long-lasting hydration.

Furthermore, the Cellular renewal emulsion night induces a powerful cell division signal to accelerate the restoration of the skin covering. It activates the synthesis of structural proteins, helping rebuild the skin’s support system at night.

By combining both day and night Nescens emulsions, the treatment will be even more efficient. This combination ensures a full respect of your skin needs and provide a complete response to the anti-aging issue.